South Sound Area Kayakers club located in South Puget Sound, Wahington

Welcome to South Sound Area Kayakers

We are a group of friends who formed a club in 2004 to go kayaking, have fun, and practice skills.  And take in some adventure every so often. What makes our club unique is that there are no dues, no officers, and no meetings. 

Everyone is welcome to participate in our activities. Take a look at the photos page to get an idea of our past activities. We are a social and friendly group that enjoys being on the water together. If you are looking for point to point fitness paddling, this is not the right club for you. 

To paddle with us you must first complete our release form. What you need to know about participating can be be found here or in the FAQ's Page.

We have tried to set up this site to answer all your questions so as not to burden our web master. So please, read the material before sending a question. To keep the spammers at bay there is no personal contact information on this site. Please use the contact form to ask a general question or contact someone about a trip

Hope to see you soon.


Top photo: Paddling near the Skokomish River delta, Hood Canal